Love distanced but not lost

Ending a long term relationship can be hard.  Especially when it feels like they are all you’ve ever known.  It’s natural to want to keep them close to you even after the break up.  Some people are able to do this but not everyone can.  However, sometimes trying to keep them close can actually end up hurting more.  It’s hard to look at the person who was once your everything and not be able to treat them that way.

What most people fail to acknowledge is that you lost more than just a lover.  You also lost your best friend and that part may be even more painful.  Going from together forever to strangers weighs heavy on the heart.  Some days you want them back, others you pray to never see them again.

You can’t change the way you feel but you can feel your feelings and then let them go.  Just because you miss them doesn’t mean you should go back to them.  You can’t expect your heart to let go of a connection like that so easily and in the end it is only time that can tell whether they will have a place back in your life and at what capacity.

I believe that we are all connected energetically and when you spend so much time with someone and love them deeply that connection can be very strong and can remain long after the relationship is over.  The bad news is that it makes it hard to get over them, the good news is if you are quiet enough you can still feel them, no matter how far away they are.  But instead of torturing yourself over it the best thing to do when they cross your mind is to remember the good times and wish them well.  Some loves are best kept from afar.  Uma Thurman has a great quote:  I still love the people I’ve loved, even if I cross the street to avoid them.  You can continue to love them as much as you once did but you don’t have to let them know it.


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