No more promises

Everything is in a constant state of flux.  Nothing in this world is permanent, nothing in this world is still.  We like to use words like always and forever but in actuality they are just that; words.

How can we promise each other anything that doesn’t exist in the now?  Things change, people change, perspectives change, thoughts change, feelings change.  Everything changes.  

So how to you maintain anything long term?  

First, you accept that no thing is forever, time is an illusion and all you have is now.  So if you want to keep someone or something in your future make sure you are keeping it close now. 

It’s the little things that happen from one moment to the next that build your tomorrow.  

Show gratitude for what you have and let go of expectations.  

Live now, love now.  And if tomorrow you find it gone at least you’ll know that you did all you could.


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