This is going to hurt

No one likes to suffer.  Most people will do anything to avoid pain, whether physical or otherwise.  The only thing worse than being in pain is seeing someone you love suffering from it.  It makes you feel helpless because no matter how hard you wish you could take it from them or feel it for them, you can’t.

This is a difficult thing, to watch them hurt, but sometimes pain is necessary because sometimes pain is part of the healing process.  Our problems don’t develop overnight, they are a culmination of repeated habits.  Yet, when the shit hits the fan we expect to be able to do away with the aftermath right away.  But things don’t work like that.  Sometimes, the pain is needed, sometimes the pain must be felt and when it can’t be avoided then we must learn to accept it.  Accept it and use it as a tool to learn.  Learn from our past mistakes and have the consequences of our actions burn so loudly that when the pain does finally stop we never forget what caused it in the first place.  This way we do not repeat our past folly.

Sometimes you have to watch the one you love hurt.  Not for your own good but for theirs.  It’s so temporary.  Once you see the progress being made and the healing begin, even though the pain is still felt you can rest, knowing that it’s just part of a process, a passing phase that won’t last.   You have to be able to watch the one you love die because what is dying is not them but only a part of them.  A part that they are better off without.  You must allow yourself to trust the process.

But when you have no faith, it leaves a lot of room for fear.  And fear, as we all know, is the real thief of life.


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