Regardless of what happens tomorrow

Tomorrow is election day.  I’d love to think that there is even a remote chance that Jill Stein can win but we all know that is not going to be the case.  People are stuck on the belief that we have one of two choices.  I’m not going to go into how awful each of these options are or how downright depressing it is to see how many people are completely fucking brainwashed.  That’s the way things were intended, the shadow government or whatever you want to call them set out on a mission to manipulate and control the population and by god they have done a fabulous job.  I’m not going to go into our contaminated water or modified food or overload of medication and media propaganda.

What I am going to say is this.  Regardless of who “wins” tomorrow life in America is never going to be the same again.  Hillary doesn’t have many supporters but what she does have is corrupted corporate backing.  People who stand to continue to profit off of war and the current system we have in place.  Sorry, my fellow Americans, but to them we are not much more than cattle.  We are conditioned to consume, our consumption feeds their pockets, they care not what it does to our environment or to the people used to manufacture the things that we don’t need.  They turn us against each other because we are easier to control that way.  Black versus white, Christian versus Muslim, immigrant versus native, poor versus rich, fat versus skinny, male versus female, it goes on.  Things get bad, we get depressed, we get medicated.  Corruption is exposed, we get distracted, false flag events, celebrity drama.  Fear this, fear that, but don’t do anything about it, just fear it.  You scared?  Here let me save you, all it costs is a little bit of your freedom, just a bit here and there, you won’t even notice.

I’m fucking tired.  I’m tired of our love of war, of our exaltation of our military and patriotism.  We are told that we are brave and valiant and do our country a great service.  How fucking big does our military need to get, who the fuck are we fighting?  Before you go and get pissed off about that realize I am not passing judgment on the soldiers themselves because I bet half of them don’t have a fucking clue what they are actually signed up for.  But you know what, in this day and age ignorance is a fucking choice and if you are signing up to risk your life and take the lives of others you should do some fucking research.  How many ex-soldiers are out there trying to warn you?  No, don’t mind them, even though they have seen it firsthand.  Just worry about all the benefits that will come with it, GI Bills, VA benefits, a salary, you need that last one because minimum wage isn’t going to cut it.  That is not your fault but it is your problem, but they have a solution.  Just don’t come back with any psychological problems because you may end up homeless on the street and well since you can’t do what they need you to do anymore you are no longer worth the investment, sorry.

Broken.  Our education system is really an indoctrination system in disguise.  Our medical system only serves as a revolving door for pharmaceutical companies who don’t give a shit if the meds you are getting are actually causing more damage than good.

It will be more of the same shit if Hillary is selected, that’s what they want, they’ve had this system going for a while now and it’s worked for them quite well.

If Trump wins and goes about making America Great Again what will we end up with?  1984?  A fucking wall?  I’ve got news for you folks, that wall isn’t to keep out the immigrants, it’s to keep you in.  A mass emigration would not be farfetched because who the fuck wants to live in a country that is ruled by someone who thinks it’s okay to hate someone else because they are different than you, someone who objectifies women, condones violence and worst of all doesn’t see a fucking thing wrong with it!  You think Nazi Germany can’t happen all over again, and that’s a big problem.

How many times are we going to re-live the same horrors?  I’m over it.  How hard is it to embrace compassion and empathy?

Neither one of these assholes is going to save you, or me, or this country.  If we can gather anything from what is going on in the world right now it should be that we do have an impact, each and every single one of you does.  You want to help make things better?  Go sit down and ask yourself what you value, what is important to you in this life?  What do want to come home to?  I bet It’s not stuff.  I bet it’s people.  I bet what matters most to you most is to come home to your family, to have them feel safe and be healthy and happy.  Who would refuse that?   Who wants to come home to find out that their daughter has been raped or their son has been beaten or their wife has been killed?  No, it’s the kind of things we say we wouldn’t wish on our enemies but our thoughts and actions say otherwise.  All that goes out the window when the person on the receiving end is not us, when the person on the receiving end of the hate looks different than us.  If a law passed tomorrow that made it legal to go around and kill people in any color car that was different than yours, I bet some people would go out and do it, not because they don’t like the color of the other person’s car but because it’s an excuse to carry out the hate and violence that they harbor inside.  However, I’d like to think that most people would see how absurd it is and quickly realize that it would only lead to mass deaths and untold sorrow.

It would be stupid to try and justify the murder of someone because of what the color of something that they own is.  Stupid.  Now go and tell everyone that everyone else out there who drives a different color car than them is going to try and kill them and things get more interesting.  Now you have to do it before they do it to you.  Dog eat dog, right?  Fear makes people do stupid things.  Ever stop to think about how victims of serial killers usually have something in common?  Their victims are objectified.  It puts the lotion in the basket.  Not “she”, “it”.  Humans have to be objectified before they are abused, raped or murdered.  They are not seen as people.  What does that tell you?  Fundamentally, humans are good natured, they have compassion wired in but unfortunately, it can be over-rode.

Don’t let either one of these people over ride your human nature.  Don’t let them blind you and trick you into thinking that another human isn’t a human because of what he thinks, feels, or how he looks.  No matter how scared you get, don’t trade in your humanity.  We can do so much if we all work together.  We’d be unstoppable.  If every single person, not even everyone but even just more than half, if 51% of us can hold our shit together long enough to help guide the rest of us out of the darkness and fear, we may have a shot.




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