Moving on is not giving up, it’s letting go

Sometimes you come across people who change you, people who mark a before and after in your life.  Whether friend, lover, or acquaintance there are some people out there that trigger something inside you.

We don’t think of people as drugs but ask anyone who has been in love and they will tell you that it is possible to be addicted to a person or a relationship.  The problem is that not everyone you meet is meant to stick around forever.  Sometimes their purpose in your life is solely to show you where you need to heal or grow.

From childhood we are fed fairy tales of happily ever after, we naturally expect that real life should be the same way.  But it’s not.  Not everyone you love is meant to be in your life forever and always.  Sometimes you have to just appreciate the fact that you met them at all, remember what they taught you and move on.

I believe that the Universe has a plan for each of us and if you pay close enough attention sometimes you can see bits and pieces of it.  I see this existence as an education for the soul.  We come here to experience and to learn and thus grow.  We can’t grow if we keep trying to re-read the same chapter.  Even if it was your favorite one, you can’t progress on your education if you refuse to turn the page.

Pay attention, life is full of synchronicity (some call it coincidence), if someone is meant to be in your life they will be, and even if you both go your separate ways life will bring you back if that is what is meant to happen.  Trying to hold onto things that aren’t meant for you will only cause you pain and delay the good things that are already set to come your way.  Trust in the divine, be grateful for the ones that stick around, and wish the rest well.



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