In honor of my 32nd birthday I thought I’d list 32 things I have learned along the way.

  1. Things are always as they should be
  2. But the definition of how they should be is not up to me
  3. There are things I cannot change and should not try to
  4. Optimism can kill you just as fast as pessimism
  5. Not all people are who they portray themselves to be
  6. Don’t take #5 personally
  7. Don’t judge someone by the opinion of another
  8. Life’s good moments are fleeting so appreciate and enjoy them while you can
  9. Life’s heartaches are temporary and each scar is a lesson
  10. Far too many women are insecure, but they are all beautiful by design
  11. Doing small things on a consistent basis add up to big changes
  12. Sometimes it is better to not say what you’re thinking or feeling, but it’s worse to choke on things left unsaid
  13. The ocean cleanses the muck off of the soul
  14. What you eat has great impact
  15. What you think even more so
  16. Sometimes it’s best to not have all the answers
  17. I’ll always be a little bit sad
  18. I’ll always be a little bit anxious
  19. It’s worse when I fight this
  20. It’s best to accept and let it pass
  21. Self love is the most important love
  22. Holding on can hurt more than letting go
  23. Knowing when to let go still eludes me
  24. People will judge
  25. People will lie
  26. Sometimes you can find more comfort in a stranger than a friend
  27. Those strangers are worth keeping
  28. Life passes quickly
  29. People do too so cherish the ones you love while you still can
  30. Having something that nourishes the soul is crucial
  31. A sense of humor is golden
  32. At some point you have to stop trying to improve and just appreciate what is (still working on putting this one into play)
  33. Bonus lesson:
  • More than anything I have learned that I am not alone, not physically and especially not spiritually.  Spirit, the Divine, whatever you call it is everywhere.  It listens and responds.  It sends you messages and signs when you need them the most and after today I don’t think I’ll ever be able to doubt that again.

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