On Vibes

I’ve been slowly but surely making a change from casual indifference to conscious notability when it comes to the people I surround myself with.  I take note of how I feel when I am around certain people, the vibes they emit, the way I react and vice versa.  I’m starting to notice more and more how intentions are not always so obvious but action is very telling.  When you make decisions based on people’s actions versus their words life gets a little easier.  And it’s not the things that I see when they know I am watching but the things that they do when I am not around, the choice of words used with intent to manipulate, the silence when certain topics come up…these are the things that I am noticing.

I can try and understand the motives behind but in all honestly it is a waste of time.  I have nothing to gain from validating or justifying someone else’s actions.  I’m not even making judgments anymore because I get it, I’ve been there.  I understand but just because I understand does not mean that I have to accept.  So what am I saying?

People think that high vibes is all rainbows and glitter and maybe it is but in order to get there or to get higher you have to let go of what weighs you down.  The things, the people, the people…  in the past I had a problem with that because I like to see the good in people, the potential, the promise but unless that effort comes from within it is useless.  It is draining to try and draw someone’s potential out.  Draining, time consuming and possibly counterproductive.  People change when they are ready and they won’t be ready until they have learned the lessons that they need to learn so that they can move on.  Hand holding only stalls the progress.  Let them fail, let them fall, let them lose and learn because for some this is the only way they will learn or understand.

When you are learning lessons, things hardly make sense, everything seems like a punishment but when you start to look for the lessons you see that they are blessings, they are opportunities for growth and change.  Don’t feel bad about having to walk away from certain people, you may be doing them more good than you realize.


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