I’m finding myself getting more and more turned off by labels.   “Vegan”, “Black”, “Yogi”, “Introvert”, “Awake”, “Muslim”, “American”, “Republican”, …I could go on but you get the point.

Sometimes,  no, most of the time, I want to just say:  Shut the fuck up!!!  You are not definable by any one word.   Not saying you shouldn’t be proud of the things you can relate to but those things are so shallow compared to the gorgeous everything that you are.  

Labels but up boundaries,  they are inherently limiting.  Also,  in my opinion, they hinder growth.  Society is so judgmental that if you are “X” but are curious about “Y” then the mere fact that you identify with “X” can keep you from exploring “Y” because labels set expectations.   “If you are this religion don’t come around here because you are not like us”.  How fucking stupid and short-sighted  is that?  Everyone knows something you don’t,  anyone can teach you something.  Stop limiting your education and your potential.  Learn from all that you can and decide for yourself what resonates and what doesn’t because I can promise you no one label has all the answers. 

I know labels are useful in that they help you find people you can vibe with but don’t stay stuck in any one frequency, change that shit up from time to time.  

We are conscious if nothing else and that consciousness cannot be contained or restricted to a physical body let alone a label.  What do those things tell us about you anyway?   Not much.   Why must we claim anything at all?  
Find your own wavelength and just ride it out.  Be you, unrestricted and unapologetic.  If you want to dress like a hippie one day and a goth the next fucking go for it (cheesy analogy I know but it’s late and that’s all the effort I’m putting forth on that one).  Labels imply finished products and you are not a finished product!!  You are evolving and growing and changing.  Embrace that shit.

Disclaimer:  this is a rant and is not intended to insult or call anyone out.  If you are happy labeling yourself then rock on.  You don’t need my permission.  I just find labeling more isolating than connecting when it comes to the bigger picture. 


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